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Rooftop Deck Homes April 16, 2024
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What and Where is Rooftop Deck Homes?

Las Vegas Homes with ROOFTOP DECK

Rooftop Decks are definitely synonymous with urban home design settings found in the Las Vegas skylines. Indeed, these beautiful rooftop decks can be enjoyed by every homeowner. Even though some homeowners have enough space for traditional outdoor decks or patios, they consider rooftop decks,especially those located in the cities, simply because of the unprecedented views that make the rooftops attractive feature in any home. There are many reasons why a rooftop deck home feature is a great idea and many offer few advantages over regular decks.

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Rooftop Decks Homes Las Vegas

rooftop deck homes las vegas

  • Types of Rooftop Decks - As a highly sought after feature of homes with flat or partially flat roofs, rooftop decks offer breathtaking views of the whole surrounding, save a lot of space and can even lower monthly cooling or heating bills. Many rooftop homeowners find this feature attractive for many different reasons. Some people consider installing a rooftop deck because they find this feature inviting to guests and think of it as a popular entertaining space, while others see them as a way to increase the whole greenery on the property and provide an outdoor place for relaxation and enjoyment.Therefore,before putting together a rooftop deck the most important reason is to choose the main intend for using it.The many variances in construction depending of the intention and the different elements that should be included, generally make the rooftop decks difficult to construct. Some of the main purposes include a lounge area rooftop deck, rooftop space or a dining space.If the reason is a rooftop lounge deck, it should be constructed in a way providing a lot of comfort by including comfy seating options, a lot of pillows and a catching table surrounded with a lot of greenery. A rooftop garden, apart from the aesthetic advantage,it is also a way that brings a lot of practical benefits to the homeowners such as helping insulate a home, which saves on heating and cooling costs.Rooftops also help reduce floodings and a rooftop garden also protects the roof from wear and tear. Definitely the most common reason for a rooftop deck is for making it a perfect dining space. In this case, the rooftop deck needs a huge dining table which would be mainly used as a space for family and friends gatherings and special occasions.

Advantages of Homes with

Rooftop Decks

homes for sale rooftop deck  las vegas

  • Cost Friendly - Rooftop Decks are easier and less costly to be installed because they lack pitch. Generally, for a homeowner to add a rooftop deck, the typical cost for it is around $25,000 for a basic one, while a more elaborated deck which will feature an integrated grill, bar or kitchen, it has to be built in to the framing of the home as well as the foundation.
  • Increased Living Space - Rooftop decks are not something new. For years they have been a very popular feature of hotels, bars, pubs, offices and high rises. However, nowadays, they are making a big splash in newer suburban single-family homes in the Las Vegas area. Rooftop decks are a way that increase the home living space. It is true that outdoor living areas increase the size of the home and provide more living space, which applies to rooftop decks, as well. People are becoming very comfortable with the idea of having outdoor kitchens, dining areas and the like. Therefore, by installing a rooftop deck, the homeowner adds more square footage for family uses.
Here are some creative Rooftop Decks Ideas

  • Multiple Uses - A rooftop deck can be custom made and designed with the aim to suit for different purposes. As mentioned previously, some homeowners design those spaces as a place where they can create lovely sky gardens where they can relax during the day by being surrounded with amazing views and elements. Others, install rooftop decks in their home simply because they need a special place that will be quitter, and designed for rest and relaxation.While, others may want a rooftop deck to enjoy outdoor dining and recreation away from the noise of the street or with a breathtaking views that complements the occasion.It is well-known that rooftop decks provide special contact with nature and the whole setting brings happiness to individuals while releasing stress.Another great advantage of rooftop deck is that through the variety of plants and their deposition in the growing space, rooftop decks are places that allow filtering of polluted air particles and gases.
  • Increased Home Value - Since not many homes have a rooftop deck, it means that a home that features one is more unique and valuable. Especially, if the house is surrounded by mountain, river, valley or ocean, the home value will definitely be bigger. Generally, a rooftop adds 6-8% of a home’s total value.Additionally, having a rooftop deck installed in a home today, might sell a home up to 50% faster because it’s such a standout feature.

rooftop deck homes for sale las vegas

  • A Perfect Getaway - Considered as a places with a lot of sunlight, fresh air, and a part of a healthy daily routine, they give homes an elegant look and are a perfect place for any family gathering, romantic getaways or just a private sunday afternoons. A lot of great summer days and nights can be spent right in ones rooftop decks. Decks that are large enough are perfect places for family lunch, special events or barbeque gatherings. Rooftop decks can definitely be utilized and decorated for every occasion, depending on the mood.


Rooftop Decks Homes for Sale

Rooftop decks are one of the most glamorous features that bring a lot of advantages to the homeowner. Rooftop decks look good, are uniquely designed,provide a smart and quick way to enjoy a quiet escape in the heart of one's city. In order to make the best out of it, you need to make a clear purpose of your desired rooftop deck before installing it, so you will have the chance to get the perfect roof for your building.  

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