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Red Rock Country Club, a prestigious guard-gated Las Vegas community, seamlessly integrates with the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Its 738-acre expanse boasts two challenging Arnold Palmer golf courses, including the privat course. This sought-after community offers premier amenities, including a fine dining clubhouse, spa, fitness center, and more.

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Red Rock Country Club Homes for Sale
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Homes for Sale in Red Rock Country Club

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What is Red Rock Country Club ?

Red Rock Country Club is a prestigious master-planned community offering an exceptional living experience.

Adjacent to the majestic Red Rock Conservation area, this exclusive neighborhood embraces its stunning surroundings, with softly illuminated mountains creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Red Rock Country Club features exquisite homes designed for discerning tastes, with development spanning from 1999 to 2006. Most residences are semi-custom, built with meticulous attention to detail.

Toll Brothers, a renowned builder, contributed to the final phases, ensuring top-quality luxury. Along the mountain base, you'll find custom homes on prestigious Red Arrow Street.

Red Rock Country Club Homes Table Of Contents FAQs

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What is the Address or Location of Red Rock Country Club Homes?

Red Rock Country Club is located at 2250 Red Springs Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89135

For those traveling by air, McCarran International Airport is approximately 24 kilometers (15 miles) east of Red Rock Country Club, providing convenient access to domestic and international flights.

Additionally, the Henderson Executive Airport is located approximately 24 kilometers (15 miles) southeast, offering an alternative option for private aviation needs.

What are Red Rock Country Club Las Vegas Amenities?

Welcome to Red Rock Country Club, where luxury living meets exceptional amenities. This exclusive community offers a wealth of outstanding features and facilities that cater to the diverse interests and preferences of its residents. Whether you seek relaxation, recreation, or socialization, Red Rock Country Club has something to delight everyone.

Here are ten of the remarkable amenities you can enjoy within or at Red Rock Country Club:

  • Championship Golf Course: At Red Rock Country Club, golf enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of the sport with access to meticulously designed, 18-hole championship golf course. These courses offer not only challenging play but also breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty, making each round a memorable experience. 
  • Clubhouse: The clubhouse stands as an architectural masterpiece, radiating elegance and sophistication. It serves as the heart of the community, offering a haven for social gatherings, exquisite dining experiences, and hosting a variety of events and functions. It's where neighbors become friends, and memories are created.
  • Fitness Center: Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is made easy with the state-of-the-art fitness center at your disposal. Equipped with modern exercise equipment and a range of fitness classes, residents can pursue their fitness goals while enjoying a motivating and supportive environment.
  • Tennis and Pickleball Courts: Engage in friendly competition or refine your skills on the well-maintained tennis and pickleball courts. These spaces provide the perfect setting for residents to enjoy outdoor activities while fostering a sense of community.
  • Resort-style Pools: Red Rock Country Club offers resort-style pools that provide a refreshing oasis for relaxation and leisure. Whether you're looking to soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip, or simply unwind by the poolside, these pools offer a luxurious retreat.
  • Fine Dining: Culinary connoisseurs will delight in the exquisite dining experiences offered at the on-site restaurants. World-class chefs create delectable dishes to satisfy any palate, ensuring that residents can enjoy gourmet meals without leaving the community.
  • Spa and Wellness: Residents can indulge in self-care and rejuvenation at the spa and wellness center. This haven of tranquility offers a range of rejuvenating treatments and services, promoting overall well-being and providing an escape from the stresses of daily life.
  • Social Clubs and Activities: Red Rock Country Club fosters a vibrant social scene with various clubs and activities tailored to residents' interests. These gatherings create opportunities for socializing, forging connections, and creating lasting memories within the community.
  • Kids' Club: The kids' club is designed to cater to the younger residents of Red Rock Country Club. It provides a safe and engaging environment where children can enjoy a variety of supervised activities, allowing parents peace of mind while their children have fun.
  • Walking Trails: Embrace the natural beauty that surrounds Red Rock Country Club by exploring the well-maintained walking trails. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls or invigorating hikes, these trails offer a serene escape into nature, right within the community's borders.

Experience a lifestyle that exudes luxury and leisure at Red Rock Country Club. With an array of amenities designed to cater to every facet of your life, this community offers an extraordinary living experience. Whether you're seeking relaxation, recreation, or a sense of community, Red Rock Country Club provides the perfect setting to embrace it all. Immerse yourself in this exceptional haven, where each day presents a new opportunity to enjoy the finest amenities in a breathtaking environment.

What are Red Rock Country Club Homes for Sale HOA fees?

HOA fees in Red Rock Country Club are approximately $245 per month, so that at Red Rock Country Club, residents and members enjoy a prestigious lifestyle supported by Homeowners Association (HOA) fees that contribute to maintaining the community's impeccable standards. In addition to the standard membership options, an Executive membership is available for those seeking an enhanced experience. With an initiation fee of $7,500 and monthly dues fees at $680, this membership grants you access to almost all the privileges of the Golf Club membership. While advanced tee time reservations for the golf courses are limited to five days, and green fees are required, the Executive membership still offers an extraordinary range of benefits.

How do people Describe or Identify Red Rock Country Club Las Vegas Homes for Sale?

This prestigious community, nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Red Rock Conservation area, offers a remarkable living experience that combines elegance, serenity, and a vibrant sense of community.

Red Rock Country Club is often described and identified with the following words:

  1. Prestigious: Red Rock Country Club exudes an air of prestige and exclusivity, offering an exceptional living experience in a highly sought-after community.
  2. Luxurious: From its stunning homes to its world-class amenities, Red Rock Country Club epitomizes luxury, providing residents with a truly lavish lifestyle.
  3. Scenic: Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of the Red Rock Conservation area, the community offers breathtaking views and a picturesque setting.
  4. Active: Red Rock Country Club caters to the active lifestyle of its residents, with access to championship golf courses, tennis courts, fitness facilities, and more.
  5. Serene: The tranquil ambiance of Red Rock Country Club creates a serene atmosphere, allowing residents to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  6. Community-oriented: Red Rock Country Club fosters a strong sense of community, providing numerous opportunities for socializing, engaging in activities, and forging lasting connections.
  7. Exclusive: With its gated entrance and exceptional standards, Red Rock Country Club is synonymous with exclusivity, offering a privileged living experience to its residents.

These descriptive words capture the essence of Red Rock Country Club, highlighting its reputation as a prestigious, luxurious, and scenic community that caters to an active and serene lifestyle. The strong sense of community and exclusivity further contribute to the allure of this remarkable destination.

What types of homes are available in Red Rock Country Club ?

Red Rock Country Club offers a diverse range of homes that cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone in this esteemed community. Here are some of the types of homes available:

  1. Estate Homes: These grand residences showcase exquisite architectural design and luxurious features, offering generous living spaces and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.
  2. Custom Homes: Red Rock Country Club boasts an impressive selection of custom-built homes, allowing residents to personalize their living spaces according to their unique style and requirements.
  3. Semi-Custom Homes: The community also offers semi-custom homes that provide a blend of customizability and convenience, featuring high-quality finishes and thoughtful design elements.
  4. Villas and Townhomes: For those seeking a more low-maintenance lifestyle, Red Rock Country Club offers villas and townhomes that offer a perfect balance of comfort and convenience, often featuring upscale amenities and elegant finishes.

Red Rock Country Club has collaborated with renowned custom home builders to craft exceptional residences within the community. Here are a few popular custom home builders in the area:

  1. Blue Heron: Blue Heron creates stunning custom homes that harmonize with the natural surroundings.
  2. Christopher Homes: Christopher Homes builds elegant and sophisticated custom residences that embody timeless luxury.
  3. Sun West Custom Homes: Sun West Custom Homes specializes in creating unique and personalized living spaces that reflect the individuality of their clients.
  4. Blue Marble Development: Blue Marble Development focuses on creating custom homes that blend modern design with environmentally conscious features.

Embrace the opportunity to reside in a meticulously crafted home within Red Rock Country Club, where renowned custom home builders have brought their expertise and creativity to create exceptional residences that reflect the highest standards of quality and luxury.

What Golf Course is Associated with Homes for Sale Red Rock Country Club?

Red Rock Country Club is proud to be associated with magnificent championship The Arroyo Golf Course, covering an expansive area of approximately 2.8 square kilometers (700 acres), is a masterpiece that blends seamlessly with the surrounding desert landscape. With its undulating terrain, strategic bunkers, and pristine greens, the Arroyo Course offers a thrilling challenge for players of all skill levels.

Golfers can enjoy the picturesque views of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, enhancing the overall experience.

The course is meticulously maintained and boasts top-notch amenities, including a well-equipped pro shop and a professional staff ready to assist with all golfing needs. To reach the pro shop, please call +1 (702) 258-2300. The address is 2250 Red Springs Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89135. For more information, visit the website at

Experience the joy of playing golf surrounded by breathtaking vistas and exceptional facilities at Red Rock Country Club. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a novice looking to improve your skills, these golf courses provide an unforgettable journey that combines the challenges of the game with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

What are some popular Things to Do in or near Red Rock Country Club ?

Nestled within the heart of Summerlin, Las Vegas, the Red Rock Country Club offers more than just an exceptional golfing experience. It's a gateway to a plethora of activities, adventures, and serene spots that can captivate any traveler or local. With a perfect blend of natural beauty, local culture, and exquisite cuisines, here are some popular spots you may want to explore.

  1. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park – A historic park offering walking trails, picnic areas, and live theater performances in the Super Summer Theatre. The ranch is located at 6375 NV-159, Blue Diamond, NV 89004, and the park office can be reached at +1 702-875-4141. More information is available at the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park website. The park is approximately a 25-minute drive away.
  2. JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa – A luxurious resort featuring world-class spa treatments, golf, and a variety of dining options. You can find the resort at 221 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145, or reach them at +1 702-869-7777. More details are available on their website. It's about a 10-minute drive from the Red Rock Country Club.
  3. Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas – A family-friendly water park that provides a fun and refreshing escape from the desert heat. The park is located at 7055 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89148. They can be reached at +1 702-979-1600. For park schedules and other information, visit their website. It's approximately a 15-minute drive from the Red Rock Country Club.

Venturing around the Red Rock Country Club area not only opens doors to a wealth of recreational possibilities, but also a chance to appreciate the natural grandeur of the Nevadan landscapes. These destinations promise memorable moments, making your visit an enriching one. As you explore, remember to tread lightly, preserve nature, and most importantly, enjoy your time in and around the Red Rock Country Club.

Where is the nearest Shopping, Hospitals and Library to Homes for Sale Red Rock Country Club Las Vegas?

The area around the Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas is thriving, with top-notch shopping centers, hospitals, and libraries that serve the local community. These establishments add to the livability of the area, providing residents with essential services and amenities right at their doorstep. Let's delve into the specifics.

Shopping: Downtown Summerlin

  • This outdoor shopping center not only hosts over 125 stores but also features a variety of restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • It is located at 1980 Festival Plaza Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135.
  • Find more information on Downtown Summerlin.
  • The shopping center is conveniently located about 5 km (3.1 miles) away, which is approximately a 10-minute drive.

Hospital: Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

  • A top-tier hospital providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services.
  • The facility is located at 657 N Town Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144.
  • More information about their services can be found on
  • The hospital is approximately 6.8 km (4.2 miles) from the community, a short 10-minute drive away.

Library: Sahara West Library

  • This public library offers an extensive collection of books, educational resources, and a variety of community programs.
  • The library is situated at 9600 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117.
  • You can learn more about their offerings on
  • It is around 8 km (5 miles) from the Red Rock Country Club, about a 15-minute drive.

In conclusion, the Red Rock Country Club community enjoys proximity to a multitude of important amenities. These establishments, from the vibrant Downtown Summerlin shopping center to the comprehensive Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, and the resourceful Sahara West Library, contribute significantly to the comfort, convenience, and overall quality of life in this area. It's truly a place where everything one needs is within a short, easy reach.

What are some of the popular Restaurants near Red Rock Country Club ?

The Red Rock Country Club area is a treasure trove of exciting dining experiences, offering a rich variety of cuisines that are bound to satisfy every foodie's palate. Each restaurant has its unique charm, whether in ambiance or culinary offerings, making every meal an adventure. Here are seven popular restaurants near Red Rock Country Club that you simply can't miss.

1. Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar - Nestled in the Red Rock Casino, Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar is known for its cozy, rustic charm and outstanding American cuisine. Their wood-burning oven adds a unique flavor to their dishes. Patrons also appreciate the extensive selection of wines.

2. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill - This establishment is a favorite among sushi lovers. Their menu features a range of Japanese delicacies, including sushi, sashimi, and their award-winning fried chicken.

In conclusion, these seven popular restaurants near Red Rock Country Club offer a gastronomical journey through diverse cuisines. Whether you're looking for comfort food or a fine dining experience, these dining venues are just a short drive away, ready to serve you a delightful meal.

What is the crime rate in Red Rock Country Club ?

Red Rock Country Club provides a safe and secure environment for its residents, boasts a favorable crime rate, ranking better than 70% of areas. Red Rock Country Club's dedication to maintaining a low crime rate contributes to the overall peace of mind and sense of security that residents experience within this prestigious community.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Homes for Sale Red Rock Country Club?

Living in Red Rock Country Club offers numerous advantages, but like any community, there are also considerations to keep in mind. Here are some pros and cons of living in Red Rock Country Club:


  1. Prestigious Lifestyle: Red Rock Country Club provides a prestigious living experience, surrounded by luxury homes, impeccable amenities, and a sense of exclusivity.
  2. Natural Beauty: The community is nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Red Rock Conservation area, offering stunning views and a serene environment.
  3. Exceptional Amenities: Residents enjoy access to top-notch amenities, including championship golf courses, a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pools, and more, providing endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
  4. Sense of Community: Red Rock Country Club fosters a vibrant and close-knit community, providing numerous social events and activities that allow residents to connect and build lasting relationships.
  5. Security and Peace of Mind: The community prioritizes security, with gated entrances, 24/7 security personnel, and controlled access, ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for residents.


  1. Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees: Living in Red Rock Country Club requires paying HOA fees, which contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the community. It's essential to factor these fees into the overall cost of living.
  2. Membership Dues: Membership to the country club may involve additional monthly or annual dues, depending on the level of membership chosen, which should be considered as part of the financial commitment.
  3. Distance to City Center: While Red Rock Country Club offers a serene setting away from the city, it is located approximately 19 kilometers (12 miles) west of the Las Vegas Strip. This distance may require some additional travel time to reach central city attractions.

Ultimately, the decision to live in Red Rock Country Club depends on individual preferences and priorities. The community offers a luxurious and refined lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty, exceptional amenities, and a strong sense of community. It's essential to weigh the advantages and considerations to determine if this esteemed community aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations

What are some Homes for Sale Red Rock Country Club Las Vegas Reviews?

"Living in Red Rock Country Club has been a dream come true. The community offers a perfect blend of luxury, tranquility, and camaraderie. The amenities are outstanding, and the golf courses are simply breathtaking. I feel privileged to be a part of this prestigious neighborhood. The sense of belonging and the connections I've made with my neighbors have been incredible. The views of the surrounding mountains are stunning, and the clubhouse offers fantastic social events. I couldn't ask for a better place to call home." - John S.

"I've been living in Red Rock Country Club for several years, and I couldn't be happier. The security measures in place provide peace of mind, and the staff is always friendly and attentive. The golf courses are challenging and beautifully maintained. It's a fantastic place to live for golf enthusiasts like me. The natural beauty of the surroundings is awe-inspiring, and the amenities are top-notch. The community fosters a strong sense of belonging, and the events and activities cater to diverse interests. I feel like I'm on a perpetual vacation living here!" - Michael W.

"Living in Red Rock Country Club has exceeded my expectations. The sense of exclusivity and the attention to detail in every aspect of the community make it truly exceptional. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure resident satisfaction, and the facilities are second to none. It's truly a haven for those seeking an unparalleled living experience." - Jennifer B.

These reviews reflect the positive experiences and sentiments of individuals who have chosen to call Red Rock Country Club their home. The community's luxurious amenities, beautiful surroundings, strong sense of community, and attentive staff contribute to a remarkable living experience that leaves residents feeling grateful and fulfilled.

Red Rock Country Club is a truly unique and rare community that combines breathtaking natural beauty, exceptional amenities, a vibrant social scene, and an exclusive lifestyle. Its extraordinary features make it a highly coveted destination for those seeking a remarkable living experience in Las Vegas.

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Red Rock Country Club community LV map

Red Rock homes for sale are located inside a 24 hour guard gated community. The public can access the public golf course from one gate - but luxury custom homes have a second entrance. From the beginning this community was popular and sold out quick. All homes available now are resale and can be seen by appointment.

Red Rock Country Club homes for Sale

From the beginning the Red Rock country club community was popular and sold out quick. All homes available now are resale and can be seen by appointment. There is also a buy back option for an additional  20 feet of lot size on most golf course homes that owners are taking advantage of. Some lots encompass both golf course and Las Vegas strip views that give the best of Las Vegas right outside your backdoor.

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Rock Rock Country Club homes specialist

Red Rock Country Club Community

The Community has a back drop of the Red Red Conservation area and sits on one of the top rated gold courses in Las Vegas. Just outside the gates is access to Downtown Summerlin with shopping, entertainment and cafes. Summerlin has walking trails, biking paths and swimming pools thru out. Summerlin has been a globally top ranked master plan community and Red Rock country club homes for sale are consistent and in demand.  

Red Rock Country Club has special membership opportunities  

  • Red Rock Golf and Executive Members have 54-Holes of golf to choose from — the private Mountain Course or the public Arroyo & Siena Course.
  • An active Membership Advisory Committee assists in shaping the Club to the needs of its Members.
  • Gourmet dining may be enjoyed in the exquisite Arroyo Room, the casual Oasis Grille, the elegant Sunrise Room and the richly appointed Board Room.
  • Casual dining will be available pool side at the Cabana Grill during the Summer.
  • Breakfast and lunch are available in the Arroyo Clubhouse daily.
  • Complimentary valet parking will be available at the Main Clubhouse.
  • Regular Gentlemen and Ladies' Club tournaments and Member's tournament events will be hosted by the Club.
  • Resident Members may use private electric golf carts upon approval by the Club and payment of the annual trail fee.

The fans of golf trips will love the Arroyo golf club. If there is any reason to play here it would definitely be the Las Vegas panoramic views from hole #7 at the Arroyo course. This Las Vegas golf course is an Arnold Palmer design and is considered a masterpiece that offers challenges to both beginners and advanced players.

Even if you don't play golf - just going to the driving range and hitting some balls is a great way to check out the Red Rock lifestyle. There is also a cafe open to the public and is popular for afternoon lunches and happy hour.

Red Rock Casino & Downtown Summerlin

This casino also has 11 restaurants and is popular for lunch and dinner. As a local one may want to pay attention to special events and concert series. Red Rock casino brings in some of the top names in the USA thru out the year. 

Silent Savasana at Red Rock Hotel and Casino

" The rooms are beautiful and clean! Totaly family friendly. Movie theater, bowling, aracade, gorgeous pool." - Trip Advisor

The other popular go to place is TruFusion Yoga which offers classes every hour from yoga, Pilates, kettle bell, trx and more. There is also a luxury theater where you can lie down and watch a movie with a complete menu. Downtown Summerlin also offers events and they have a running calendar. 

Downtown Summerlin near Red Rock Country Club

Red Rock Las Vegas Conservation Area

Red Rock has over 10,000 acres and a 13 mile loop that now has a fee of $7 a vehicle and $3 a bike and that includes a pedal bike. I use to do this loop once a week on my bike and bought the annual pass for $70. The Cottonwood Valley Area across the street has a system of trails designated for mountain bike and equestrian use for free. If you park by the horse stalls on left there is a trail overlooking all Las Vegas.  

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Las vegas

"Was not sure what to expect but it was great. It is really one of those places where you get what you put into it." - Trip Advisor

The best trails are still in the paid part and also further up at Bonnie Springs. I have been doing these trails back when I would be the only one in the area. Now there are always people and you have to find the trails less traveled for some quietness. Photographers love this area and Red Rock has been been used as a film location for such movies as Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger in Bells of San Angelo 1947 and was a location for The Stalking Moon with Gregory Peck in 1968. Now its a popular place to take selfies in yoga pants and there are weekly yoga groups who go up for classes. Its also a popular photo spot for Mr USA, Bikini & Fitness Models.

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Living here provides an unparalleled lifestyle, combining tranquil surroundings with Summerlin's exceptional amenities. Whether you seek a leisurely stroll or a relaxing evening in your backyard, Red Rock Country Club offers a captivating ambiance and vibrant community. Explore this esteemed golf course community to find your dream home, where luxury, natural beauty, and a vibrant lifestyle intertwine seamlessly.

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