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What and Where are the Horse Properties in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Horse Property

The main two main areas in Las Vegas for horses are in the North West around the communities of Centennial and Lone Mountain, and in the South West the communities of Mountains Edge, and out Blue Diamond towards Pahrump. The other is going to be in a more affluent area by Pecos & Sunset will some of the most unique horse properties in the Las Vegas Valley.

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best investments that you can do in your life. It will provide you with the opportunity to have horses at your home. However, spending your money to get a horse property would not be an easy thing to do because you will have to pay attention towards a variety of factors.

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HORSE Property for Sale in Las Vegas & Henderson

1/2 of all "Horse Properties" that have sold by transactions is in the North West. However, still at Pecos & Sunset by the famous "Wayne Newton" estate and his horses is super popular and should not be overlooked.  The main gated community in that area "Sierra Vista Ranchos" has a track around the community. The other area is out Blue Diamond Rd. We specialize in Las Vegas horse properties and can help you find a locate your best options. 

horse properties in las vegas for sale

Pay Attention to Horse Zoning

Throughout the valley of Las Vegas, there is acreage, horse property and also homes. Getting to know that horse property is disseminated all over the valley, there are certain areas where these properties have CC&Rs and restrictions. 2-two horse communities exist in this area as described by having homes and common area facilities for the horses. They are Sierra Vista Ranchos., a guard gated community and Sky Ranch.

What to look for when buying horse property

Buying your own horse property can be considered as one of the

ATTENTION: Have a Veterinarian look at any property before finalizing a purchase. You can actually write in the contact "This offer is contingent upon inspection and recommendations of a veterinarian of our choice within 5-days of acceptance of offer. "

1. Take a look at usable lot size and space of horse property

As the first step of purchasing horse property, you need to take a look at the available space. This depends on your requirements as well. If you are looking forward to have just a small backyard with a couple of horses, you can purchase a horse property that has an area of three acres. But if you are looking forward to have more horses, you will need to increase the size of your property.

2. Analyze the condition of the barn

Secondly, you need to analyze the overall condition of the barn. This should be done carefully. Therefore, you need to take your time to inspect every corner of the barn. While you are inspecting the barn, you will need to pay attention towards few important factors. The durability of stall partitions, size of stalls and the overall design of the hayloft are some of the important factors you should not ignore.

3. Horse property storage space Before you purchase horse property, you should never forget to see the storage offered by it. You need to be careful to look for all storage options that can be found around the barn. Then you will be able to determine whether additional building and sheds are available or not. If there are, you will be provided with the opportunity to use them for the different storage needs that you would come across.
4. Take a look at the pastures available or feeding area of horse properties 

You should never ignore to take a look at the pastures that are available at the property. You should analyze them with the idea of how many horses you are planning to get as well. In fact, pastures available at the horse property you are planning to purchase should support your requirements. If there is a possibility, you need to go ahead and take a look at the quality of grass that can be found in pastures as well.

5. Carefully observe the neighborhood

After purchasing the horse property, it is important for you to live with peace of mind. That’s why you should carefully analyze the neighborhood. If you are planning to have a private horse property, you need to be concerned about the unwanted visitors as well. By analyzing the neighborhood, you will be able to get a better understanding of it. 

6. See the condition of caretaker’s quarters or daily use building. 

Usually, a horse property would contain caretaker’s quarters. It is up to you to take a look at the condition of it before you invest your money on the horse property. The caretaker’s quarters should be something convenient. It should provide facilities that are needed to take part in day to day operations at the horse property as well.

7. Observe the overall layout of the horse property

Last but not least, you must observe the overall layout of the horse property that you are planning to purchase. The barn should usually be placed behind the house. In such a setting, all the visitors will be encouraged to drive past the house to gain access to the horses. This can provide enhanced security for the horses that you have at your horse property.

Las Vegas Horse riding classes

Are you interested in learning how to ride a horse? Then you should take a look at the horse riding lessons that are available for the people in your area. 

horse riding las vegas
Why should you take horse riding lessons? Horse riding has the ability to deliver a variety of benefits to you. Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits that are linked with horse riding lessons.

  • Introducing positive character traits – With horse riding lessons, you will be able to learn the important lesson of holding responsibility. In fact, you would learn how to take care of the horses that you ride. This can create a positive influence on your life.
  • Enhancing physical health – As per healthcare professionals, horse riding has the ability to assist you stay in shape. It is one of the most effective moderate intensity exercises that you can find out there.
  • Improving problem solving skills – When you are riding a horse, you would come across the need to make quick decisions. This can create a tremendous impact on your problem solving skills. You will encounter the unexpected and you will need to make quick decisions in such situations to avoid hassle.
  • Delivering companionship – Horses are identified as social creatures. Therefore, you will be able to experience companionship out of the horse riding lessons. You can interact and communicate positively with the horse. This can leave a positive effect on you at the end of the day. That’s the main reason behind the popularity of therapeutic horse riding programs.
  • Ensuring relaxation – Riding a horse can be considered as a relaxing experience. It can effectively minimize muscle spasticity and all the tight muscles in your body would be stretched along with the natural motions of horse. Therefore, it is a relaxing experience that you can get and you will be provided with the opportunity to move more freely.

Now you have a clear understanding about why you need to go for horse riding lessons. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Las Vegas horse riding lessons. These lessons would give you the opportunity to experience all above mentioned benefits.

1. Paradise Ranch

Paradise Ranch provides an excellent assistance to the individuals who are interested in getting the basics of horse riding lessons. The instructors at this school are helpful and even a person who doesn’t have any previous experience with horse riding can go there and learn from the scratch. 

horse property for sale  paradise ranch

2. Las Vegas Riding Academy

Among horse riding lessons available for the people in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Riding Academy has received much attention. It is one of the highly reputed lessons that you can get in the area as well. Both Western and English horse riding lessons are being taught to the people who take horse riding lessons here in Las Vegas Riding Academy.

horse riding academy las vegas
3. Hunter’s Edge

Individuals who are interested in going through the horse riding lessons in a beautiful setting can visit Hunter’s Edge. It is located in the South Western area of Las Vegas. Hunter’s Edge is equipped with three different arenas. One of them is completely covered and it delivered enhanced protection against all elements. Nike footing is also offered in here. 

horse property for sale las vegas nv

Horse photography in Vegas

Capturing excellent photos of horses is not an easy thing to do. However, it has become extremely popular in Vegas. You can find a large number of professional photographers, who are engaged with horse photography in Vegas. These three photographers have excelled in horse photography.

1. Evermore Photography

Evermore photography is owned by Misty, who has the passion towards pet photography. She loves capturing beautiful photos of horses, cats, and dogs. She is interested in capturing the horse photographs outdoors, under the natural sunlight.

2. J Mraz Photography

J Mraz is a photography who is specialized in horse photography. He is engaged with capturing several types of horse photos. They include personal shoots, horse shows, barrel races and gymkhana. A comprehensive collection of horse photos that J Mraz has captured throughout his career can be found on his official website. 

horse photography las vegas

3. Richard Julio Pereira

Richard Julio Pereira is a portrait and a fashion photographer based in Las Vegas. Apart from working on commercial headshots, Richard is interested in horse photography as well. He got the inspiration to engage with horse photography because of all the beautiful backgrounds that are offered in Las Vegas. 

las vegas horse property for sale

Las Vegas Horse Properties are a LifeStyle

las vegas national rodeo finals

Regardless of your connection or lifestyle with horses, Las Vegas will have a horse property that will meet your needs and compliment your training or riding. From a modest piece of land to the most elaborate housing conditions on the planet, Las Vegas has it.

If you are looking for horse property for sale in Las Vegas NV, contact us today for a tour of the areas and communities. We will help you find horse property choices, luxury home estates, and other types of real estate in the area. If you're interested in Equestrian homes for sale in Las Vegas, we can help you out there as well. Find a property or a 1/2 acre lot in the best part of Las Vegas near Red Rock and other amenities.

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What are some Pros and Cons of Horse Properties Las Vegas?

Pros of Horse Properties in Las Vegas:

  • Year-Round Riding Weather: Las Vegas enjoys a predominantly sunny and dry climate, providing ideal conditions for year-round equestrian activities.
  • Diverse Property Options: Las Vegas offers a wide range of horse properties, from expansive ranches to suburban estates, catering to various preferences and budgets.
  • Scenic Locations: Many horse properties in the area boast picturesque views of the surrounding desert landscapes and, in some cases, the iconic Las Vegas Strip.
  • Equestrian Communities: There are specific horse communities like Sierra Vista Ranchos and Sky Ranch, providing amenities and facilities designed for horse enthusiasts.
  • Proximity to Facilities: Some areas offer access to public equestrian facilities like Horseman's Park, making it convenient for horse owners to meet their equine needs.

Cons of Horse Properties in Las Vegas:

  1. Encroaching Development: Many horse property areas face ongoing development, which can lead to reduced open space, increased traffic, and a changing landscape.
  2. Higher Land Prices: The rising cost of raw land has contributed to increased property prices, making it more challenging for buyers to acquire horse properties.
  3. Older Properties: In certain regions, properties may be older, requiring renovations and updates to meet modern standards and preferences.

Top #5 Communities Horse Properties for Sale in Las Vegas

Discover an array of exceptional horse properties for sale in the vibrant Las Vegas Valley, catering to the equestrian enthusiast's every need. With over half of these horse properties located in the northwest quadrant of the Valley, offering generous acreage and sweeping city views, there's ample space to turn your equestrian dreams into reality.

Blue Diamond Rd.:

  • Located in the southern part of Las Vegas, Blue Diamond Rd. offers a picturesque setting for horse enthusiasts.
  • This area boasts a mix of horse properties and homes on expansive acreage, providing ample space for equestrian activities.
  • Most properties in this region are notably spacious, often encompassing 1 acre or more of land.
  • Despite its charm, Blue Diamond Rd. faces challenges from encroaching northern housing developments, with suburban expansion gradually inching closer.
  • Planned communities like Southern Highlands and Mountain's Edge have made their mark on the landscape, influencing the character of the area.

The Northwest:

  • Stretching west of Rampart, the Northwest area of Las Vegas offers a captivating blend of horse properties and homes.
  • Some properties in this region provide residents with captivating city views, adding to the appeal of this equestrian haven.
  • However, ongoing development in the area poses challenges to the preservation of its equestrian character, impacting select properties.
  • The proximity to the Craig Rd. area introduces a mix of horse-friendly properties alongside conventional developments, creating a unique blend of lifestyles.

Far North/East of I-95:

  • For those seeking abundant acreage and spacious horse properties, the region far to the North and East of I-95 beckons.
  • While this area offers a dream setting for horse enthusiasts, it requires careful property selection due to encroaching development.
  • Despite the encroachment of suburban neighborhoods, larger acreage properties can still be found, providing the space needed for equestrian pursuits.

The Northeast:

  • Nestled west of Nellis Blvd. and north of Charleston, the Northeast region offers a close-in location with distinctive perks.
  • Residents here can enjoy stunning views of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, adding a touch of glamour to their equestrian lifestyle.
  • The neighborhood boasts a unique charm with older homes, giving it a sense of character and history.

Far Southeast:

  • Located east of Boulder Highway and accessible from RaceTrack Rd., the far Southeastern area is a haven for those seeking horse-zoned properties.
  • This region offers a relatively affordable option for horse enthusiasts, making it accessible to a broader range of buyers.
  • While the area may be more budget-friendly, it still provides the essential elements for an equestrian lifestyle.


  • Las Vegas Valley offers various horse properties, acreage, and homes on acreage.
  • Scattered horse properties throughout the valley, with some areas more predominant.
  • Northwest quadrant of the Valley has over 1/2 of all horse property listings.
  • True horse communities: Sierra Vista Ranchos (southeast, guard gated) and Sky Ranch (central).

What are some Horse Properties in Las Vegas Reviews?

"Living in Sierra Vista Ranchos has been an absolute dream for my family and our horses. The guard-gated community offers a sense of security and exclusivity, and the horse-friendly amenities are top-notch. We have access to well-maintained riding trails, spacious pastures, and a welcoming equestrian community. The location is convenient, with easy access to both the city and natural landscapes. Our 3-bedroom home on a 2-acre lot is spacious and comfortable, and we cherish the breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip. The only downside is the rising property prices, but the quality of life here makes it worth every penny. If you're a horse enthusiast looking for a blend of luxury and equestrian living, Sierra Vista Ranchos is the place to be." - William H.

"Sky Ranch is a hidden gem for horse lovers in the heart of Las Vegas. I've lived in this central equestrian community for three years, and it's been a fantastic experience. My 4-bedroom home with a barn on a 1.5-acre lot provides ample space for my horses and family. The neighborhood exudes a friendly and tight-knit atmosphere, and the riding arenas are well-maintained. While there is some ongoing development in the area, the charm of Sky Ranch remains intact. The convenience of city living combined with equestrian amenities is a rare find. The only drawback is the limited nearby boarding facilities, but overall, Sky Ranch offers a unique and delightful residential life for horse enthusiasts." - Michael P.

"I've called the Northwest Las Vegas area home for years, and it's a haven for horse owners like me. The expansive properties west of Rampart offer breathtaking city views and enough space for both horses and tranquility. My 5-acre estate allows my family and me to live comfortably alongside our horses. However, recent development has brought changes to the area, including increased traffic. Still, the charm of the Northwest, with its diversity of horse-friendly properties and stunning sunsets, keeps us rooted here. Proximity to Craig Rd. with its mix of equestrian and conventional developments ensures a balanced lifestyle. It's a place where equestrian dreams can thrive amidst the evolving cityscape." - Olivia R.

"Living in the far Southeast of Las Vegas has been a pleasant surprise. East of Boulder Highway and off RaceTrack Rd., it's a budget-friendly option for horse enthusiasts. The neighborhood is down-to-earth, and there are numerous horse-zoned properties to choose from. My 3-bedroom home on a 1-acre lot provides a cozy and affordable equestrian lifestyle. While it may lack some of the luxurious amenities of other areas, it makes up for it in affordability and accessibility. The proximity to the city's conveniences is a plus, and it's a great place to start your equestrian journey without breaking the bank." - Daniel M.