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Address Beds Baths Sq.Ft. Price(%Chng) $/Sq.Ft. On Site
5901 Quintillion Ave Las Vegas,  NV 89122 5901 Quintillion Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89122
4 3 2,371 $525,000 $221.43 5 days
6912 Homing Pigeon Place North Las Vegas,  NV 89084 6912 Homing Pigeon Place
North Las Vegas, NV 89084
4 3 2,383 $549,900 $230.76 21 days
8528 Berkley Hall St Las Vegas,  NV 89131 8528 Berkley Hall St
Las Vegas, NV 89131
4 3 2,401 $569,000 $236.98 7 days
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What is Casita and Guest House?

Homes with CASITAS

Casita or a guest house is a small, usually detached single story property that is part of the main family home. Most of the casitas are separated from the main house and have their own entrance and privacy access. Also, in some cases, they can be attached and have the same entrance from the main house.

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This list includes detached Casitas or Guest Houses and may include what is also referred to as Mother in Law quarters.

Those houses named as casitas got their name from the Spanish language referring to small, little houses that come with a single-family home yet have a separate entrance. Designed as a comfortable suit with a full bath, some casitas have included kitchen or kitchenette as well.

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Las Vegas Homes with Casita, Quest House or Mother in Law Quarters

🏠 See Las Vegas Homes with a Casita Homes for Sale ⬆️

The best way to locate these houses and this particular property type regardless of sqft is over the phone or come into the office and have an agent use the MARTRIX MLS real estate listings search to correctly identify your needs as if you need it to have its own access, kitchen and bath. Specify your search by calling 702-882-8240

las vegas homes for sale with casitas

Nowadays, there is a recognized growth in the demand for homes with a guest house or casita. The aim of these properties is to enable people to have guests for a longer period of time, at the same time providing them and the guests with full privacy and comfort. Interesting, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, the way we live together, our values and habits are changing day by day. Sometimes we want to live in multi-generational homes, while at another time we are looking for a place where we can enjoy full privacy and comfort by ourselves.

However, in many times we definitely need companions with whom we can spend awesome summer or winter days, weekends or some special periods in our life. These are usually the main reasons that make people think about buying Las Vegas homes for sale with casita.

Homes with Guest Houses

homes for sale with casita las vegas

In active adult communities, homes for sale with casitas in Las Vegas Nevada typically consist of one main room and a bathroom. In 2017, this small little houses, also known as accessory dwelling units (ADU), were recognized as a home trend around America. Here are the top benefits of having a home with a casita.

  • Place for Home Staff? - This is an important benefit of having a guest house, especially for people who have a staff that lives in their home. For example, for people who have a nanny for their kids, driver or a cooker, this can be their own suitable place for them to live, at the same time be close by the family and the single home.

las vegas  for sale house with casitas

  • Great Escape for Home Owners - At some time during the day, we all have that period when we want to escape from everyone and be on our own, outside of our own room. Especially for people with large families, it is challenging to find time and space to be alone with their thougts. For this reasons, having a house with a casita means that whenever we will that way, we have that perfect tiny place to be at that time. Being separated from the main house, gives casitas a character as being a great quiet retreat, suitable for people when they would like to meditate or read an awesome book.

Other names that may be used and found in Las Vegas

  • Mother in Law Quarters
  • Guest Houses
  • 2 Master Suites
  • Separate living with Kitchen
  • Live in maid quarters
  • Live in Babysitter
  • Live in nurse

Homes with Mother in Law Quarters

las vegas homes with casitas inside view

  • Multi-Purpose - Apart from being ideal for out-of-town guests, which is usually the main idea why they are build, these little houses can be places suitable for more purposes. Sometimes they can be perfect for a home office, media or music room, game or theater room, art room or a special hobby room. Therefore, there is no need to doubt about if it should be included in the construction project, since this additional space will always have some purpose of why it is build.

home with casita house plan las vegas

  • In-Law Suit - After the age of 65, people started making serious decisions about how and where they will continue to live. Some are considering moving to a 55+ communities, while other would like to continue be very close to their family members. Due to this reasons, casitas or guest houses can be suitable for elder people to move in which will allow them to have family close by and also live independently in their own space.
  • Higher Property Value - Clearly, if the casita is designed as a separate building, in cases when people decide to sell the home, this asset definitely increases the purchase-price of a single home. This is because there are many things done for building this small quite spaces and there is more cost involved with building a second structure. In addition to constructing walls and a roof, the builder has to run plumbing and electric, and also install heating and cooling systems. This is definitely an added bonus to a single family home, and is something that people should consider if they are thinking about selling their house at some period in their life.

Why to Choose Casitas, Guest Houses and Mother in Law Quarters

house with casita for sale las vegas

Like the name says, casitas or guest houses are the perfect place where people can accommodate visitors at any time. It is important to give visitors their own space, especially those who are staying for a longer period, as it makes them feel welcome. There is no doubt that guests will enjoy having their own bathroom, living room and kitchen. Thus, Las Vegas homes for sale with guest house seem to be an investment worth your time.

Even some closest family members can sometimes feel that they are intrusive, so giving them their personal space or mother in law suite will keep a great balance between the homeowners and gusts. Casitas are suitable for both owners and guests, as they give them a chance to have an enjoyable and entertaining time together and also having a separate and private space for relaxation, without disturbing one each other.

There are many new listings for those who are looking for real estate properties and homes for sale in guard gated communities in Las Vegas, NV close to amenities such as golf course areas and malls.

Deciding to build a guest house on your property or opt for LAs Vegas homes for sale with mother in law quarters. is not a small thing. It is a big, important investment that you do not want to mislead along the way.

Therefore, if you are in experiencing the benefits and opportunities that a home with a casita offers, our team can help you find the right thing for you. Here you can find lots of data relating to real estate for sale, including many single and two story homes in North Las Vegas with many floor plan options.

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Popular Neighborhoods for Homes with Casitas in Las Vegas

Consider Casita and Guest House Homes, a unique property type that offers privacy and convenience. These homes can be found in various Las Vegas neighborhoods, catering to a range of preferences.

Prices for these homes typically start in the mid $300,000s, making them accessible for many buyers.

These properties often feature amenities like full baths, kitchens or kitchenettes, providing guests with a comfortable and independent stay.

The history of Casita and Guest House Homes dates back to 2017 when they became a recognized trend in American real estate. Today, they continue to gain popularity due to their versatility.

Whether you're seeking multi-generational living, a private retreat, or additional space for work or hobbies, these homes offer it all.

Las Vegas boasts a wide array of neighborhoods where you can find homes with casitas:

1. Summerlin:

With over 230 parks, more than two dozen schools, and 9 golf courses, Summerlin is a thriving community spread across 22,500 acres.

  • These homes with casita in summerlin typically feature spacious floor plans, providing ample room for families and guests. Prices for homes with casitas in Summerlin can range from $400,000 to over $1 million, offering options for various budgets
  • The added casita provides versatility, whether you need an in-law suite, home office, or a private guest space.
  • When it comes to amenities, Summerlin has it all – from recreational facilities and retail centers to an array of dining options in Downtown Summerlin

2. Henderson:

Henderson, Nevada, boasts a thriving real estate market, and if you're in search of homes with casitas, you're in for a treat. These versatile living spaces offer both additional square footage and a touch of luxury.

  • Casita-equipped homes in Henderson often feature floor plans ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet, providing ample room for families and guests. Prices typically range from $400,000 to $800,000, offering a range of options to fit your budget.
  • These homes often come with desirable amenities, including access to pristine golf courses, pools, and spas, providing the ultimate in relaxation and entertainment.

3. Lake Las Vegas:

Discover exquisite Lake Las Vegas homes with Casitas, offering luxurious living in this master-planned waterfront community.

  • These elegant residences are nestled within a 3,592-acre oasis, showcasing stunning waterfront views across the 320-acre lake. Lake Las Vegas homes with Casitas provide a range of floor plans, from single-family homes to spacious estates, catering to diverse lifestyles.
  • Prices for these opulent properties vary, starting from the low $500,000s to over $2.1 million.
  • These homes feature high-end finishes, and some come with private half-acre lots, providing ample space and privacy.

4. Southern Highlands:

Southern Highlands Homes with Casita offer an exclusive and luxurious living experience in the prestigious Southern Highlands community, located in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada.

  • These homes are a testament to the community's commitment to upscale living. With an average household net worth of $779,866 and a median household income of $126,134, Southern Highlands is a top-tier destination.
  • Homes with Casita in Southern Highlands come in various floor plans, from spacious Mediterranean-style villas to modern architectural marvels, catering to diverse preferences.
  • The community spans 2,300 acres and offers an impressive array of amenities, including the renowned Southern Highlands Golf Club

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in a Las Vegas Home with a Casita?


  • Extra Living Space: A casita provides valuable additional space for various purposes, such as a home office, gym, or guest suite.
  • Rental Income: You can generate extra income by renting out the casita, especially during peak tourist seasons in Las Vegas.
  • Multigenerational Living: Casitas are perfect for multigenerational living, allowing family members to have their private space while remaining close.
  • Versatility: Casitas offer flexibility, adapting to your changing needs, whether it's accommodating guests or pursuing hobbies.
  • Home Office Convenience: Having a dedicated space for work within the casita allows for increased productivity and separation from home life.
  • Flexibility for Aging Parents: Casitas can serve as a suitable living arrangement for aging parents, offering them independence while being close to family support.
  • Separate Entry Option: Some casitas have their own entrances, providing both residents and guests with added convenience and privacy.


  • Initial Cost: Building or purchasing a home with a casita can be more expensive than a standard home, which may pose a financial challenge.
  • Maintenance: Managing an additional living space requires extra maintenance, including repairs, cleaning, and utilities.
  • Zoning Regulations: Check local zoning laws, as some areas may have restrictions on renting out casitas or building them.

In summary, living in a Las Vegas home with a casita offers versatility, income potential, and multigenerational living opportunities. However, it comes with initial costs, maintenance responsibilities, and privacy considerations. Evaluate your needs and financial situation carefully to make an informed decision about this unique living arrangement.

What are some Las Vegas Homes with Casita for Sale Reviews?

"Living in a Las Vegas home with a casita has been a game-changer for me. The extra living space has allowed me to create the ultimate home office where I can focus on my work without distractions. Not to mention, I can easily accommodate guests who visit, providing them with a comfortable and private place to stay. The community we're in has fantastic amenities, including a beautiful pool area and nearby parks for leisurely walks. The casita also comes in handy for rental income, especially during the peak tourist seasons in Las Vegas. Overall, it's been a wise investment, and I couldn't be happier with the versatility it has added to my residential life." - Siena M.

"I love the concept of multigenerational living, and our Las Vegas home with a casita has made it possible for my elderly parents to live with us while still having their independence. They have their private space in the casita, complete with a kitchenette, which has been a blessing. It's heartwarming to have them close by, and it's eased their transition into this new phase of life. Our neighborhood in Summerlin is perfect for family living, with great schools and parks nearby. The casita has also boosted our property value, making it a smart investment. I wouldn't trade this living experience for anything." - David L.

"Living in a Las Vegas home with a casita has been an exciting journey. We decided to turn our casita into a short-term rental, and it's been a fantastic source of extra income, especially with the constant flow of tourists coming to Vegas. The community in Henderson is peaceful and family-friendly, providing a safe environment for our children. We also love the convenience of having the Strip nearby for entertainment. The casita's flexibility is unparalleled, serving as a guest suite, home office, and even a cozy spot for relaxation. It's added immense value to our property, and we're thrilled with our living experience." - Robin H.

"Our Las Vegas home with a casita in Southern Highlands offers a luxurious living experience. The spacious casita has become our favorite spot for unwinding and enjoying some quiet time. The neighborhood's golf courses and upscale amenities are truly remarkable. It's a haven for golf enthusiasts, and we love spending weekends on the greens. The casita's versatility has allowed us to transform it into a mini home gym, making it convenient to maintain an active lifestyle. Plus, the casita's contribution to our property's value is a significant bonus. Living here has been nothing short of extraordinary." - Michael C.