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Cadence at Henderson is a vibrant master-planned community sprawling across 2,200 acres in picturesque Henderson, Nevada. This dynamic neighborhood boasts approximately 450 acres of open space, community parks, and an extensive network of walking trails and bike paths. Cadence is meticulously designed to embrace an active lifestyle, making it the ideal destination for those seeking a vibrant and engaging community.

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What is Cadence at Henderson ?

Cadence Community Homes for Sale

Cadence at Henderson is a convenient master-planned community spanning across 2,200 acres in Henderson, Nevada. This vibrant community has garnered national recognition and boasts strong sales, ranking among the top 10 best-selling master-planned communities in the U.S. according to prestigious real estate consulting firms. In 2022, Cadence continues to thrive and flourish, offering residents an unparalleled living experience.

Located just a stone's throw away from the Historic Water Street District in Downtown Henderson, Cadence provides convenient access to a wide array of shops and restaurants, ensuring that residents have everything they need within minutes of their doorstep. The community also seamlessly integrates with various bicycle and walking trail networks, including the renowned Las Vegas Wash and River Mountains Loop trails, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor recreation and connect with nature.

Notably, Henderson, the city where Cadence is situated, was ranked as the second safest large city in the country by AdvisorSmith in 2021, underscoring the commitment to providing a secure and peaceful environment for residents. With its exceptional amenities, prime location, and commitment to safety, Cadence at Henderson offers a remarkable setting for individuals and families looking to embrace a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle in the heart of Nevada.

Cadence Homes Table Of Contents FAQs

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What is the Address or Location of Cadence Henderson?

Cadence at Henderson can be easily accessed at 1170 E Sunset Rd #101, Henderson, NV 89011.

The community is approximately 15 kilometers (9 miles) away from McCarran International Airport, the primary airport serving Las Vegas. This proximity ensures that residents have convenient travel options for both domestic and international flights.

Moreover, Cadence is roughly 19 kilometers (12 miles) away from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, where visitors and residents can indulge in a plethora of entertainment, dining, and nightlife experiences.

What are Cadence Henderson NV Amenities?

Nestled within the expansive Cadence at Henderson community are an array of exceptional amenities that cater to residents' diverse interests and lifestyles. From outdoor recreational spaces to fitness facilities, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are ten standout amenities at Cadence:

  • Central Park: Spanning 50 acres, Central Park serves as the heart of the community, offering scenic walking and biking paths, free wifi, and ample green spaces to relax and connect with nature.

  • Community Pool: Residents have exclusive access to a stunning pool that provides unobstructed panoramic views of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, creating a truly unique and picturesque environment.

  • Splash Pads: Cadence boasts two expansive splash pads, ensuring endless fun for children and families, with one located near the play area and the other a generous 2,000 square feet within the Pool Complex.

  • Fitness Court: Stay active and maintain your fitness routine at the conveniently located fitness court equipped with quality exercise equipment designed to help you achieve your health goals.
  • Pickleball Courts: Enjoy a spirited game of pickleball with friends and neighbors on the well-maintained pickleball courts within the community.
  • Heritage Recreation Center: The 20,000 square-foot Heritage Recreation Center serves as a modern gathering place, featuring an indoor lap pool, fitness center, craft rooms, billiards and game rooms, ballroom, multi-purpose rooms, café, outdoor pool and patio, and various recreational amenities.
  • Bocce Ball: Engage in friendly competition on the bocce ball courts, where residents can showcase their skills while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
  • Tennis Courts: Tennis enthusiasts can sharpen their skills on the community's well-maintained tennis courts, providing an opportunity for friendly matches and fitness.
  • Outdoor BBQ and Picnic Area: Gather with friends, family, and neighbors for community events and socializing in the outdoor BBQ and picnic area, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  • Bike-Share Program: Cadence offers a convenient and eco-friendly bike-share program featuring "smart bikes" equipped with wireless technology, allowing residents to book bicycles through their smartphones and explore the community and its surrounding trails.

These amenities, along with the vast network of parks, miles of walking and biking trails, and proximity to Henderson conveniences and medical facilities, contribute to the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that residents can enjoy at Cadence. With its thoughtful and diverse range of offerings, Cadence at Henderson provides an idyllic setting for residents to embrace an active, connected, and enriching community experience.

What are Cadence Homes Henderson HOA fees?

The base assessments for 2023 amount to $600 annually, which can be conveniently paid in quarterly installments of $150. These installments are due on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, allowing residents to plan their finances accordingly.

In addition to the base assessments, homeowners are responsible for monthly HOA assessments of $40, totaling $480 over a 12-month period from the close of their home. It's worth noting that the developer of Cadence, the LandWell Co., will cover the cost of these assessments directly to the Cadence Community Association, providing residents with added convenience.

How do people Describe or Identify Cadence Community Henderson?

Cadence at Henderson is commonly described and identified by the following semantic words that encapsulate its essence and appeal:

  1. Vibrant: Cadence at Henderson is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with a dynamic and energetic community that thrives on social interactions and engaging activities.
  2. Connected: The community fosters a strong sense of connection among residents, promoting a welcoming environment where neighbors come together and forge lasting friendships.
  3. Serene: Amidst the bustling city of Henderson, Cadence offers a serene retreat with its well-manicured parks, scenic walking trails, and peaceful ambiance, allowing residents to unwind and find tranquility.
  4. Active: With a wide range of amenities, including pools, fitness centers, sports courts, and biking trails, Cadence encourages an active and healthy lifestyle, appealing to individuals who prioritize physical well-being and outdoor pursuits.

  5. Family-Friendly: Cadence is renowned for being family-friendly, providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow, play, and thrive. The community offers numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreational spaces designed with families in mind.

  6. Welcoming: Cadence embraces a culture of inclusivity and warmth, where newcomers feel welcomed and residents actively participate in community events and social gatherings.
  7. Convenient: With its strategic location near shopping centers, dining options, and medical facilities, Cadence offers residents the convenience of having essential amenities within close proximity, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free living experience.

These descriptive words illustrate the positive attributes that define Cadence at Henderson, making it an attractive and desirable community for individuals and families seeking an active, connected, and welcoming environment to call home.

What types of homes are available in Cadence at Henderson ?

Cadence at Henderson offers a diverse range of homes designed to cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Here are the types of homes available within this exceptional community:

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  1. Single-Family Homes: Cadence features an array of thoughtfully designed single-family homes that provide ample space and privacy, ideal for growing families or individuals seeking a spacious living environment.
  2. Townhomes: The community offers well-crafted townhomes that combine style, functionality, and low-maintenance living. These homes are perfect for individuals or families looking for a blend of convenience and modern design.
  3. Luxury Residences: Cadence boasts a selection of luxury residences that exemplify elegance, sophistication, and high-end finishes. These homes offer an elevated living experience for those seeking opulence and refined living spaces.
  4. Custom Homes: The community provides opportunities for residents to build their dream homes through custom home builders who offer tailored design options and personalized features. Custom homes allow homeowners to create a unique living space that reflects their individual tastes and preferences. 

    homes for sale cadence henderson nv

Some popular custom home builders in Cadence at Henderson include:

  • Richmond American Homes:
    Richmond American Homes is known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. They offer a range of floor plans and customization options to suit individual needs.
  • Woodside Homes:
    Woodside Homes is renowned for their attention to detail and energy-efficient designs. They prioritize customer satisfaction and offer customizable home designs that cater to diverse lifestyles.
  • Pulte Homes:
    Pulte Homes focuses on creating functional and well-designed homes that enhance the lives of residents. Their expertise lies in crafting homes that cater to different stages of life, ensuring lasting comfort and style.

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These reputable custom home builders contribute to the variety of housing options available in Cadence at Henderson, allowing residents to find their ideal home that aligns with their unique preferences and desires. With a diverse selection of homes and trusted builders, Cadence offers an optimistic and exciting opportunity for individuals and families to find their perfect home within this exceptional community.

What Golf Course is Associated with Cadence Homes Henderson NV?

Cadence Henderson Golf Club

Cadence at Henderson is a vibrant community that offers residents a wealth of amenities and recreational opportunities. While there isn't a golf course directly associated with Cadence, golf enthusiasts in the community can explore several exceptional golf courses located in the surrounding area. Here are two notable golf courses near Cadence:

  • Reflection Bay Golf Club: Situated just a short distance from Cadence, Reflection Bay Golf Club is a premier golf destination that offers an unparalleled playing experience. Spanning approximately 3.5 square kilometers (865 acres), this Jack Nicklaus Signature Design course showcases stunning views of Lake Las Vegas and the surrounding mountains. Golfers can test their skills on meticulously manicured fairways, challenging bunkers, and undulating greens. The club also features a pro shop where players can find top-quality golf gear and apparel. For more information, visit their website at or contact the pro shop at +1 (702) 740-4653. The address is 75 Montelago Boulevard, Henderson, NV 89011.
  • Rio Secco Golf Club: Another exceptional golfing option near Cadence is the Rio Secco Golf Club. This Rees Jones-designed course spans approximately 1.6 square kilometers (400 acres) and offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. With its stunning desert scenery and meticulously maintained fairways, Rio Secco provides a memorable round of golf. The club boasts a pro shop that offers a wide range of golf equipment and accessories. For more information, visit their website at or contact the pro shop at +1 (702) 777-2400. The address is 2851 Grand Hills Drive, Henderson, NV 89052.

While Cadence at Henderson may not have a golf course within its immediate vicinity, residents can take advantage of these nearby golfing destinations that offer exceptional courses, stunning views, and top-notch amenities. These golf clubs provide a convenient opportunity for golf enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport in a picturesque setting while being just a short distance away from the vibrant community of Cadence.

Where is the nearest Shopping, Hospitals and Library to Cadence Community Henderson NV?

Cadence Community in Henderson, Nevada, is a vibrant residential area that offers its residents access to various essential amenities, including shopping centers, hospitals, and libraries. Here's a list of some key establishments in proximity to Cadence Community:

1. Shopping Center:

  • Cadence Community is conveniently located near the Galleria at Sunset, a spacious shopping mall with a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. The Galleria at Sunset is a one-stop destination for shopping enthusiasts, offering everything from fashion and electronics to dining and family-friendly activities.
  • Address: 1300 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
  • Website:
  • Distance from Cadence Community: Nearly 2.5 miles (4 kilometers)

2. Hospital:

  • The Henderson Hospital, situated near Cadence Community, is a state-of-the-art medical facility providing a wide range of healthcare services. With a commitment to patient care and advanced medical technology, Henderson Hospital serves as a vital healthcare resource for residents in the area.
  • Address: 1050 W Galleria Dr, Henderson, NV 89011
  • Website:
  • Distance from Cadence Homes: Approximately 2 miles (3.2 kilometers)

3. Library:

  • The Paseo Verde Library is a nearby public library that offers an extensive collection of books, digital resources, and educational programs for all ages. It's an ideal place for residents of Cadence Community to explore literature, research, and community engagement.
  • Address: 280 S Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89012
  • Website:
  • Distance from Cadence Neighborhood: ~3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers)

In summary, Cadence Community in Henderson, NV, is well-served by essential amenities. The Galleria at Sunset shopping center, Henderson Hospital, and the Paseo Verde Library are all within a few miles of the community, providing residents with convenient access to shopping, healthcare, and educational resources.

What is the crime rate in Cadence at Henderson ?

Cadence at Henderson boasts a favorable crime rate that contributes to its reputation as a safe and secure community.

With Henderson's crime rates being 20% lower than the national average and violent crimes being 41% lower than the national average, residents can enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility within the neighborhood.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Cadence Homes Henderson Nevada?

Henderson Nevada cadence houses for sale_

Living in Cadence at Henderson offers numerous advantages that contribute to a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. However, it's important to consider both the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Here are five examples of the pros and cons of living in Cadence at Henderson:


  1. Active Lifestyle: Cadence provides an array of amenities and recreational facilities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Residents can enjoy parks, trails, pools, fitness centers, and sports courts, encouraging regular physical activity and outdoor pursuits.
  2. Sense of Community: Cadence fosters a strong sense of community, offering numerous opportunities for residents to connect with their neighbors through social events, clubs, and community gatherings. This creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where lasting friendships can be forged.
  3. Convenient Location: Situated in Henderson, Cadence enjoys a prime location with easy access to shopping centers, dining options, medical facilities, and major transportation routes. Residents can enjoy the convenience of having essential amenities within close proximity.
  4. Safety: Henderson boasts a lower crime rate compared to the national average, providing residents with a heightened sense of safety and security. This peace of mind allows residents to feel comfortable and at ease within the community.
  5. Diverse Housing Options: Cadence offers a variety of housing options to suit different lifestyles and preferences, including single-family homes, townhomes, and luxury residences. This diversity ensures that individuals and families can find a home that meets their specific needs.


  1. Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees: Like many planned communities, Cadence requires residents to pay HOA fees to maintain and enhance the community's amenities and services. It's important to consider these fees as part of the overall cost of living in Cadence.
  2. Distance from the Las Vegas Strip: While Cadence offers a serene retreat from the bustling city, it is located at a distance from the renowned Las Vegas Strip. Those seeking immediate access to the Strip's entertainment and nightlife may find the commute less convenient.
  3. Limited Retail and Dining Options: While Cadence has some amenities within or nearby the community, it may have fewer retail and dining options compared to more densely populated areas. Residents may need to venture outside the community for a wider range of choices.
  4. Potential Construction: As Cadence continues to grow and develop, ongoing construction may be present within the community. This could lead to temporary inconveniences such as noise and detours.
  5. Commute to Employment Centers: Depending on the location of employment centers, commuting from Cadence to certain areas of Las Vegas or Henderson may take longer due to distance and traffic.

It's important to consider these pros and cons in the context of individual preferences and priorities when evaluating the suitability of Cadence at Henderson as a place to call home.

What are some of the best Parks in or near Sale Cadence Las Vegas?

Cadence Central Park - This is one of the most amazing parks in Cadence. It is a 50 acre park filled with an amphitheater, awesome kid’s playgrounds, six-lane lap pool, 2,000 square-foot splash pad, free Wi-Fi and few outlets.

Since Cadence is a new community, the positive think is that this park is also suitable for people who want to relax without being in a noisy and busy park. It is a beautiful place where people enjoy the beautiful Southern Nevada scenery.

Cadence henderson central park map

  • Fitness Court - In order to make world class fitness free for everyone, in June a brand new Fitness Court outdoor gym was opened in Cadence Central Park. This is a very unique bodyweight training system suitable and designed to meet the needs of people of all ages. The Fitness Court is designed to accommodate around 28 people exercising at the same time and it includes 30 pieces of fitness equipment.
  • Dog Parks - Cadence is a community that cares about the needs of every resident. For dog residents, the community has several dog parks built where dogs and owners meet and get their pets to exercise and socialize with other pats.
    Lately, three dog parks were built near Lake Mead Parkway and Cadence Crest, one for large dogs, one for small and another for grass recovery. It is amazing to live in a community that realizes that dogs are part of a family, and Cadence does that.

What are some Cadence Henderson NV Reviews?

"Living in Cadence at Henderson has been an absolute delight. The community has a strong sense of camaraderie, and my neighbors have become like family. The amenities are top-notch, and I particularly love the central park, where I can take leisurely walks and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It truly feels like a safe and welcoming place to call home.The community events and activities are fantastic, providing ample opportunities to connect with fellow residents. The location is convenient, with shopping centers and restaurants just a short drive away. The sense of community here is unparalleled, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it." - Michael W.

"Choosing to live in Cadence at Henderson has been one of the best decisions I've made. The amenities are outstanding, especially the pools and fitness facilities. The neighborhood is well-maintained, and the landscaping adds to the overall beauty of the community. The peaceful atmosphere and friendly neighbors make it a wonderful place to live." - Lisa M.

"I've been living in Cadence at Henderson for several years now, and I can honestly say that it's been a fantastic experience. The community is well-designed, with plenty of parks and trails for outdoor activities. The HOA does a great job of keeping everything in order, and the events they organize are always enjoyable. I highly recommend Cadence to anyone looking for a welcoming and active community." - John S.

cadence homes for sale henderson nv

In Conclusion, Cadence embodies an active lifestyle, boasting walking and bike trails, over 450 acres of parks, a 100-acre Sports Park, and a unique free residential bike share program, fostering neighborly connections. Residents enjoy Cadence Central Park, a 50-acre oasis with an amphitheater, lap pool, splash pad, free Wi-Fi, and picnic areas. Cadence also features a Fitness Court, dog parks, and proximity to golf clubs like Reflection Bay Golf Club and Chimera Golf Club.

In addition to outdoor activities, Cadence's prime location grants easy access to Lake Las Vegas, Cowabunga Bay Water Park, Galleria Mall at Sunset, and more. It's only 20 minutes from McCarran International Airport and 30 minutes from Lake Mead National Recreational Area. Cadence offers modern home designs from four major builders, catering to diverse tastes and budgets. This master-planned community is a testament to Henderson's commitment to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for families.

Cadence Henderson NV Homes offer a blend of modern living, natural surroundings, and abundant amenities, making them an excellent choice for homebuyers in the Las Vegas Valley.

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