Las Vegas #1 Safest Cities in USA from Natural Disaster

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I am going to share with you why 1 of the largest and most powerful data centers in the world is in Las Vegas. Since the advent of the internet and data mining, tech companies have discovered that Las Vegas may be the best location to protect the worlds most vital data. The top military and private contract scientist have compiled the data and chose Las Vegas.  It has over the last decade built the most robust and advanced tech campuses in the world in Las Vegas. See for yourself.

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Safest Places from Natural Disaster in USA

The U.S. Disaster avoidance map takes into consideration tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages, tsunamis and location to nuclear power plants.

see map legend at bottom of page.

There has recently been a surge in online search for people looking for the best cities in the US to live as a string of forest fires, earthquakes and hurricanes have reeked havoc on many states. Here are just a few of the possible search popular search queries by Google.

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Safest States To Live from Natural Disaster in US Based on Money Spent

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The Most Important Tech Companies in the World Have Their Data in Las Vegas

Behind the gilts and glamour of Las Vegas and the running the most sophisticated and secure military and private operation centers in the world are the data companies. One such company is Switch that handles government and private data for Fortune 1000 companies  including eBay, HP, EMC, Intel, DreamWorks, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, Boeing, Amazon Web Services, eBay, Hulu, and NASA. These buildings are rigth off the common roads - but be aware! they have the most highly trained ex-military staff behind the walls.

Switch Las Vegas - Example of Data Protection Ceter These Guys Are Serious About Protection

switch las Vegas

Along with already being in the top rated city against natural disaster these companies build the most state of the art building you will find on the planet. Just drive down Warm Springs road on the west side and you will see one of their campuses. But to save you a trip of curiosity, the walls and facility large and in charge. Think the Berlin Wall times 10 in strength.

Here is an overview of the building you will never see.

switch supernap8 large

And they believe in Las Vegas so much that they have multiple locations

2182 Switch Las Vegas Active

And just to reiterate, They are they largest and most advanced on the planet - right here in Las Vegas because this is where the USA has the least amount of weather and natural disasters. 

Switch las vegas

Las Vegas is #1 Destination in the USA for Thanksgiving 

What does having Turkey & Stuffing have to do with being one of the safest cities in america for climate disasters? If you take away all the scientific data and ask your Grandmother and Grandfather where they want to spend their winters - Las Vegas is a top choice. Retirees have long discovered the benefits of living in a moderate climate during the winter months and Las Vegas not only has some of the largest 55+ communities in the USA but also has become a huge destination for Thanksgiving because of family's and the amazing weather in winter.

thanksgiving meal

Las Vegas beyond the strip has developed some of the most popular communities in the world such as the top rated mastered planned community Summerlin. Summerlin homes for sale have outpaced most markets due to its infrastructure and 50% of the land use being recreational. Most people visiting Las Vegas or viewing homes for the first time are shocked at the value for the money and the level of quality. Communities such as Henderson and Summerlin has won numerous awards and is a by product of the talent that has risen in the Las Vegas Valley.

Summerlin Las Vegas

summerlin park

summerlin golf

Las Vegas Nevada Tax Haven Top Rated in the USA

Las Vegas has no personal income tax & property tax is based on only 30% of the value unlike other states. One of the greatest benefits besides being in a proven safe city against natural disasters, great weather and beautiful neighborhoods is more money. Las Vegas has one of the lowest cost of living ratios compared to other cities. The casinos also have continuous deals and the food buffets are endless.

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10,000 Job Opening 

Las Vegas has 3 mega projects going on and you can read more about that here. but in a nutshell that means jobs and lots of them. There are many reasons to consider Las Vegas as your city and home. This post was about where to find the safest cities for natural disaster in the USA due to the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and of climate related events hitting the USA. Las Vegas is a proven city from protecting data to even housing and protecting retirees looking for better weather.

If you are looking for a change - put Las Vegas at the top of list.

Las Vegas is #1 City in USA Safest from Mass Natural Disaster. 

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