!!! TRUMP !!! How He is Making Las Vegas 1st Warning! Graphic Images

Warning! Graphic Images to follow. Please take the time to read thru before attacking, as I am just a “real estate agent” and this is just one “observation” in the Las Vegas Market.

end of article will have lowest priced TRUMP units available today

After 20+ years in real estate and a 3rd generation agent I thought I had seen it all – but then came TRUMP. I don’t know if I am excited for the opportunity or bewildered at those throwing hate money away. I’m talking about TRUMP Las Vegas condos for sale which are exciting as they are taboo. As a real estate agent who is looking at the numbers, the haters are not going like what they see.

Las Vegas 1st for Assassination Attempt of TRUMP

First, let me say I am to busy working to get involved with politics and as a former US ARMY Veteran with the 1st Cav, I am simply just an American. It does not matter how much I have served my country, or love my country – say the word “TRUMP” and some people attack, even me. Now I have been fortunate enough not to be physically attacked – but the 1st assassination  attempt on TRUMP did happen in Las Vegas and some people have some strong feeling against even just the mention of TRUMP.

My 1st Time Being Attacked for Saying TRUMP

November 10th 2016 I notice a great deal in the Las Vegas condo hotel market and since my associate Ashley McCormick normally has a high rise buyer ready to buy we blast it on facebook. This is very normal as there are always buyers and investors looking for great deals. Normally I find these deals at the MGM Signature condos for sale but today it was TRUMP and a unit for $189K – below market value for that day.

My 1st and 2nd Time Being Flipped Off Online

At what point does politics become so consuming that people can not even say one nice thing about an opportunity. I have been telling people about great deals on homes and condos for over 20+ years – but now it’s different. After losing over 23% of my email base and vulgar responses I knew there was a change unlike any other in history.

January 2017: TRUMP Owners Who Don’t Like TRUMP As President Start to SELL
Increased Inventory – Increased Opportunity

Trump Tower Las Vegas Facbook

Note: lowest price on TRUMP 60 days later is now at $205K. 

1st Time Past Clients Wanted OFF My Top 10 List

Every month I try to put together 10-12 properties that are luxury homes or high rises for past clients and those who have requested this information. My associate Ashley McCormick has worked with buyers on some amazing deals like getting Las Vegas strip condos for sale from $130K back in 2011 when the market was down. Some clients have doubled or tripled their equity since 2011 on some high rises. But several in the last months have called and emailed to be taken off any list with the word TRUMP.

What is a Real Estate Agent to Do?
Tell Clients to Take Advantage of the Market

In the last six months I have been called, emailed, cursed at, deleted on facebook, flipped off and a number of other negative responses because of one word – “TRUMP”. Am I to keep my mouth shut every time a president is elected with say the name SKY, Palms, MGM or Mandarin?

For me I will continue to share any and all opportunities in Las Vegas regardless of who’s name is on the building. TRUMP was a 5-Star property from the day it opened – and people love it.

Trump Las Vegas Booking.com

Do your own research and you will see it is the highest star-rated hotel condo building in Las Vegas with 5-Stars and an 8.9 rating out of 10 with Booking.com and a 4.5 out of 5 review score on Expedia.

So you have a 5-Star rated hotel condo opportunity with incredible ratings since it opened and the only thing people can find wrong with it is the name TRUMP.

Las Vegas Has 1st Place for Value Among
TRUMP International Properties.

Last I checked, Las Vegas had the lowest price per square footage than other comparable TRUMP properties making it the best value. Las Vegas may overall be the best value to buy an own a high rise also because of low property taxes and no income tax. Compare the prices below with say sales in New York or Canada ect.

Trump sales last 90 days 2017

These are units that have been purchased in the last 90 days and what they sold for.

Note: The lowest price was $189K, then $205K and now lowest sold at $220K 

$4-7 Billion Dollar Resorts World to Border TRUMP

The big news in Las Vegas may be the $2 Billion NFL Raiders stadium to be completed by 2020, but there is something bigger. Next to Trump Las Vegas will be a new Mega Resort unlike anything in Las Vegas today called Resorts World. It will cost between $4-7 Billion dollars and is also due to be completed by 2020.

See this cool video on Resorts World – Due 2020

When they say Location, Location, Location – TRUMP will then sit between Resorts World, The WYNN and across the street from Fashion Show Mall. Now remember that TRUMP is famous for real estate and development. In terms of location this property nailed it.

Do Your Research 1st

Any time people are considering making a purchase in real estate you always hear terms like “Do your research first”, “Do your due diligence” ect. With any condo hotel its a bit easier if you know some basics. 1st – you can ask the owner if he has the Profit & Loss statements from the last 2 years. The SEC and other regulations keep agents from making future estimates of possible earnings – so look to the past. You can even compare units on view or level to see if maybe one view out performed another.

On any condo hotel and not just TRUMP you can gather all the information and review it before closing escrow. This includes P&Ls, CC&Rs and even make a meeting with the property management or owners association to ask questions.

You can live year round or put the property in the rental program.

A good start would be real estate agent Ashley McCormick as she specializes in Las Vegas high rise condos for sale and has been in the industry for 20+ years – cell: 702-523-0916

as of this writing she has the lowest priced 1 bed unit listing in the building – see here

Ashley McCormick at TRUMP Las Vegas

This is Ashley standing out by the TRUMP pool and you can see the perspective of the Encore and Wynn resort next door.

Who Wants to Be 1st?

Who wants to be 1st to leave their comments below? I am open to any and all questions or concerns about Las Vegas real estate. Despite all the animosity of the election and the diversity of feedback – that’s real estate.  Peoples comments about TRUMP and their feelings are unique and a change from the typical normal responses. They have been entertaining, educational and while some people have voiced a strong negative opinion – Its just 1 of many opportunities in Las Vegas.

I think anyone serious about buying a condo hotel in Las Vegas should go see all the options and compare. You have MGM Signature, Platinum, Palms and TRUMP.

Here is me at TRUMP (car was rental – but fun )

William Margita real estate agent

This picture was taken I think in 2014 long before the TRUMP name was associated with the presidency. Just like Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama he too someday with be a citizen again. Since the beginning of the TRUMP name being displayed in Vegas it always was known for 5-STAR. In Las Vegas it ment more than that especially on New Years because of the view from TRUMP. Someday when he is out of politics and just back to being a real estate developer maybe people will calm down. Until then I think the smart people will take advantage of whats available from the dynamics of the entirety.

Las Vegas may have one of those opportunities and it can be visually  identified by almost anywhere on the Las Vegas strip by the name – TRUMP!

Trump Las Vegas Condos for Sale

William Margita

William Margita

Recognized real estate industry leader, speaker and coach with 20+ years experience with companies to include Century21, Prudential, ReMax & Urban Nest Realty. Has been ranked in the top 1% nationally among agents and featured in numerous real estate industry media.
William Margita

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About William Margita

Recognized real estate industry leader, speaker and coach with 20+ years experience with companies to include Century21, Prudential, ReMax & Urban Nest Realty. Has been ranked in the top 1% nationally among agents and featured in numerous real estate industry media.

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