Las Vegas Area Population Hits 2.2 Million and Growing 127+ a Day

2.2+ Million in the Las Vegas area to include North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson and surrounding cities. Yes, its a record and we still have over 127+ people a day moving in.

Wait till you see what Las Vegas has planned next.

How We Went from 2,000 to 2.2 Million in Just 100 Years?

I am a 3rd Generation real estate agent and even I still can not believe Las Vegas is still growing and innovating. Just look at some of the pictures and videos on this page and you will be awe stuck at Las Vegas. Who could have imaged that a city that just started in 1905 would grow so fast and become a brand name globally around the world. Image arriving in Las Vegas back in say 1905 when the rail line connected in all direction for the first time. Here is what it looked like.

Las Vegas 1900
Las Vegas 1906

NEVADA is Still Number #4 in the World Today for GOLD!

Las Vegas in my opinion never took off until the 1960’s and we will get to that in a moment but lets do a quick review. In the early 1900′ Las Vegas was nothing more than a few thousand miners and railroad workers – working, drinking and gambling. Yes, Las Vegas had women of the night and already was famous for the night life. Nevada at the time was already known as the Silver State and also for Gold. Today Nevada is ranked #4 in the world for gold production and still #1 for nightlife entertainment.

Las Vegas Before Hover Dam Construction 1930

The Best Dam Tour in the World!

There use to be a sign outside of Boulder City that said “Best Dam Tour in the World”. Of course we are talking about the Hoover Dam which started in the 1930’s along with legalization of gambling in Las Vegas. Las Vegas was an anything goes town with a large male population of miners,  dam workers and military contractors who needed a place to unwind from the heat. During WW2 the desert served the perfect place to train and test everything from planes to the “Atomic” bomb.  Las Vegas was nothing more than source for resources by day and revelry by night.

How the MOB Made Vegas Great!!!
(we miss you)

In 1946, Bugsy Siegel opens the Flamingo Hotel and sets off a chain reaction of super stars and a new Las Vegas lifestyle. The population of Clark County is now around just 50,000 people and by the 1950’s the MOB tales over Vegas and transforms it into an oasis. Casino hotels are going up at record pace and in 1951 Frank Sinatra does his first show at the Desert Inn. Las Vegas becomes the “Perfect Storm” and for the next 10 years attracts the top paid performers to include Sammy Davis Jr, Liberace, Dean Martin and Elvis.

Las Vegas 1950-60
Las Vegas 1950-60

There are numerous books, songs and movies about Las Vegas during this time and I encourage you to read, listen and watch about this amazing period of time. When they invent the “Time Machine” this will most likely be a top paid destination. It was when people dressed up, were treated like royalty and had legendary entertainment.

My Grandmother arrived in this area in 1960 and so I grew up with these stories of Las Vegas first hand. Most of the old timers refer to this as the “Golden Age” of Las Vegas when you would gamble, get your room and food comped and not only see world class entertainment but dine or go out and party with them. The Las Vegas area was only at 200,000 people and that was your community. Nice and tight.

Las Vegas Population 1960 On

How Steve Wynn Innovated Las Vegas

I was born in 1970 about the same time Steve Wynn moved to Las Vegas(1967) and bought the Golden Nugget. Since that time he has gone on to innovate and create the hotels/casinos that push Las Vegas. As a teen I grew up walking past the Volcano at the Mirage where Siegfried and Roy were famous for their lion and tiger show. I started my career in real estate at the same time he started his masterpiece The Bellagio. To me the Bellagio marks a special time in history and when you could still meet and greet with celebrities around town.

In 1995 I became a real estate in in Las Vegas and in the first year ranked in the top 1% nationally and quickly became known as an authority. 20+ years later I still go for evening walks past the Bellagio and Mirage and stare at the man made amusement and wonder what’s coming next. One thing is for sure in Vegas – something is come next. There is always a next.

The Mirage Volcano

You Can Not Steal the Las Vegas Thunder

In 2008 Las Vegas was hit by the hardest recession the USA had seen since the depression. What most people don’t know is that Las Vegas lost 60% of it’s Asian market (which is huge) because China rebuilt Las Vegas in Macau, China at the same time. Looks like Vegas but definitely not Vegas. Las Vegas was ranked #1 for unemployment and foreclosures without the whole story being told. The short story is that Las Vegas for almost 10 years was the fastest going city and got spoiled. It lost it’s focused, and it paid a huge price.

Nobody Knows Vegas better then Oscar Goodman 
(or his wife)

In 2012 I went the the annual Preview Las Vegas which is a yearly meeting of business people to hear whats happening in Las Vegas. Now keep in mind Las Vegas is now coming out of its third year of recession. I had a chance to get my picture taken with the former mayor Oscar Goodman. Oscar was the former attorney for the mob and ran and won the seat during the recession years. At this time his wife ran for mayor and won. If it sounds fishy, just go with it because they do a great job.

It was at this 2012 presentation a series of experts took the stage and not only admitted to what was done wrong in Las Vegas – they had been working on a plan. It was simple, it was brilliant and it worked. Las Vegas needed to get back to its roots of being the oasis in the desert for gambling, business conventions, entertainment and dreams. Las Vegas invested to regain its position for global tourism and living and by 2016 had become again #1 for conventions(22,000 conventions in 2016) and almost 43 Billion tourist.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas 3.0 the REMIX

We are now in the year 2017 and Las Vegas has more shows about real estate flipping and dipping and who knows what else. There are over $10 Billion dollars of projects going up to include the NFL Raiders Stadium, Resorts World and Wynn Paradise Park. The Las Vegas real estate market has never been more exciting with some of the most expensive and modern designs in homes being built right here in communities such as Summerlin or MacDonald Highlands.

Most important is Jobs and sources say we are 10,000+ workers short in Las Vegas. I will do a write up on this and post shortly on where the jobs are and how to prepare to get one of them now.

STOP! and enjoy this quick video. Its just 2 minutes and worth it.

Did you watch the Video? 

Hopefully you see a few things you have looked over in Las Vegas and will get out to explore what Las Vegas has to offer and take advantage of it. There are new and fun things happening if you seek them out. Groupon is a great way to explore and find events and things you might not normally do. I am kind of like the “Yes, Man” and sometime just do a bunch a Groupons and discover crazy stuff. Recently I did paddle boarding out at Lake Las Vegas. May I also recommend taking a ride on the “High Roller“, at sunset, which will take you up above the strip for a 360 view of Las Vegas today.

What Does 2.2 Million People Offer

Las Vegas was ranked by CNBC in the “Top 10 Most Diverse Cities” to live. New resident brings their own talents and opportunities. You can learn to do a handstand or cook thai food in Las Vegas. We are now at over 2.2 Million people who over the last 100 years have found there way to Las Vegas. Each of us has something to share and receive. I recently met a girl who moved to Las Vegas and was learning to be a contortionist like you see in the Cirque shows. Let your imagination run wild and discover for yourself what the people of Las Vegas can share with you.

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Don’t miss my next posts on jobs in Las Vegas a week from now as I think you may want to share it with someone you know. Insider tops coming your way.

William Margita

William Margita

Recognized real estate industry leader, speaker and coach with 20+ years experience with companies to include Century21, Prudential, ReMax & Urban Nest Realty. Has been ranked in the top 1% nationally among agents and featured in numerous real estate industry media.
William Margita

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About William Margita

Recognized real estate industry leader, speaker and coach with 20+ years experience with companies to include Century21, Prudential, ReMax & Urban Nest Realty. Has been ranked in the top 1% nationally among agents and featured in numerous real estate industry media.

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