Las Vegas Breaks Tourism Record 3rd Year in a Row with 42.9+ Million Visitors

Before I became a recognized industry leader in real estate and one the most sought after speakers in Las Vegas real estate – I was a “tourist”. As a kid, I grew up in a small town about 1 hour from Las Vegas and spent many weekends going back and forth exploring until moving full time in 1995. My favorite place at the time was Caesar’s forum shopping(to young to gamble). Indoor at Caesar’s was cool and had the little automated fountains shows. Today they still have one of them and I still go there to escape the heat, walk the shops and have the business lunch at the Palms.

a liitle later on I’ll share some tips and secrets. so keep reading.
I’ll share how I use, Groupon, and Buffets to fullfill the Vegas lifestyle and where you can still find $1 margaritas. 

Las Vegas is #1 in USA for THANKSGIVING

Did I just hit you over the head with some shocking news or what? Don’t be surprised. Las Vegas and Henderson has been for decades the go to place for Thanksgiving due to a few factors to include Las Vegas has some of the largest active adult communities such as the Sun City’s and a large retire base do to weather, healthcare and tax breaks. Everyone goes to grandmas and grandpas for Thanksgiving, Approximately 300,000+ people according to AAA.

Beside awesome weather in November, Henderson has over 52 Parks and almost 50% of the land use in Summerlin is recreational with walking trails thru out. So if you have family or friends in Vegas. This is the place to be for food and weather in November. My #1 recommendation for Thanksgiving in Las Vegas is “The Highroller” right at sunset. That is the huge ferris wheel that takes 30 minutes to go up and down – and it is super. My 86 year old grandmother even went last year. Check it out.

Las Vegas High Roller
Las Vegas High Roller

Las Vegas is #1 for Large Conventions

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority LVCVA and other sources that cover conventions, Las Vegas is not only #1 but growing. MGM has just announced plans to add another 250,000 sqft. of space. That brings MGM total for all properties to almost 4 million sqft and Venetian at 2 million sqft.. Las Vegas has lot’s of space, cheap rooms and lots of entertainment. The industry supports nearly 370,000 local jobs, representing more than 40 percent of employment within Clark County.

Conventions are important and one of the single most important contributors to Las Vegas and its economy, but just like the convention itself I’m all ready bored of talking about it because nobody really comes for the convention. They come for the fun. This is why Las Vegas is #1 and the reason 22,000+ conventions are held here a year. It’s a place businesses can come to learn, communicate, network… but most importantly PLAY.

more on this later, but first lets have a drink and I’m thinking $1 dollar margaritas at Red Rock Casino sports bar or the Green Valley Ranch sports bar. Always take the upgrade to the $3 dollar margarita the bartender may offer.

Always check out the sports bars 1st as the same drink is normally more just across the casino floor – and yes, gamblers still drink for FREE.

The “Entertainment Capital of the World”

This is What You Came for – Don’t Deny It. Just Embrace it.

Every night Las Vegas has everything from world class entertainment to street performers. My personal favorite if I’m going to spend the money is any of the Cirque du Soleil shows. Its great because even the cheap seats are still good and I’ve gotten some great deals thru If you are on a budget then I recommend “people watching”. My favorite spot is Tom Urbans cafe outside NYNY and they have great salads. If your on a budget and still want to enjoy Las Vegas check out these places.

  • Bellagio Fountain 
  • Walk the Venetian Canals
  • Walk Caesars forum 
  • Volcano at Mirage
  • Cruise the Monorail from SLS to MGM $5
  • Enjoy the Evening Music in new park area NYNY by T-Mobile Arena

There are a few places you can check out for deals and steals on tickets and entertainment. One of them you can only get tickets at the location and sometimes they have good deals for shows that night. Its and they have booths around the strip. I am a huge fan of Groupon and they sometimes have tickets from $12-$50 for great shows. I have been using alot because the reviews are honest and normally dead on. 

I Came Here for the Food

My first love with Las Vegas was the buffets. The biggest treat you can give any kid in Las Vegas is an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET. Now this may not be the reason Las Vegas has gotten to 42.9 Million visitors, but lets give the buffets the credit they deserve. When guest come to town I take them to one of the top buffets and they love them. Most the Station casinos has Breakfast from like $9, Lunch for $10 & Dinner for $14. Here are my 3 top favorite buffets in Las Vegas.

  1. Red Rock Casino Feast Buffet(Summerlin)
  2. Green Valley Ranch Buffet(Green Valley)
  3. Main Street Station Buffet(Freemont) has a good list of Las Vegas Buffets and its here. 

I don’t recommend any of the buffets on the strip as the strip has become a bit more expensive and I am spoiled as a local. But with that said if it was not for Circus-Circus cheap buffet in the morning I would have starved when starting my career in real estate in the lean year. If your broke or just down on on your luck, the cheap Las Vegas buffets can save your life. 

Vegas is What You Make It!

42.9 Billion visitors came to Vegas last year and this year we are expected to break 43 Billion. My only advice is to do what you love here. UFC fighters go to train at Syndycate MMA, Boxers go train where ALI and Tyson did at Johnny Toccos, Crossfiters go to Maxeffort and there is Yoga, hiking, biking, the river and on-and-on. We are even the pole dancing capital of the world with the best trainers at Shine fitness. Whatever you passion is, Las Vegas usually has the expert trainer or authority in that field.

Try this out! 

Do a search for Google/Bing or Yahoo for your hobby or passion like

“pole dancing classes las vegas”
“mma las vegas”
“crossfit las vegas”
“salsa dancing las vegas”
“yoga workshops las vegas” (check out Trufusion)

and see what comes up. See what events, conventions or workshops are coming to town. Something is always here in Las Vegas, its up to you to take advantage of it. 

Maybe spend some extra time to explore the outer communities like Green Valley and the popular master planned community Summerlin.

You might just decide Las Vegas is more than just tourism, but a place to live.

William Margita

William Margita

Recognized real estate industry leader, speaker and coach with 20+ years experience with companies to include Century21, Prudential, ReMax & Urban Nest Realty. Has been ranked in the top 1% nationally among agents and featured in numerous real estate industry media.
William Margita

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About William Margita

Recognized real estate industry leader, speaker and coach with 20+ years experience with companies to include Century21, Prudential, ReMax & Urban Nest Realty. Has been ranked in the top 1% nationally among agents and featured in numerous real estate industry media.


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