Homes for Sale in The Ridges Las Vegas

homes for sale in the ridges las vegas

The Ridges Las Vegas Homes for Sale Dominate $1 Million +
Luxury Homes Sales in Valley

The Ridges in Las vegas is Where Dream House Are Built with over 60+ available homes for sale in The Ridges as of mid 2017. Prices range from $1.3 Million to one of the most sought after Las Vegas luxury homes for sale on the market for $30,000,000. In the Last 6 months there has not been a sale under $1Million and the highest price sold was an 11,000+ sqft Las Vegas mansion for $3.8Million.

All in all, there are over 450 custom homes for sale in The Ridges village, which is the highest number per village in all of Las Vegas. The Ridges remains the top selling community of Vegas and the most expensive area per square foot as well.

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The Ridges is a community in Summerlin, first established in the year 2000. They are known today, at least from the outside looking in, as a guard-gated community of approximately 800 acres. The master-planned community is the number one village in Summerlin, and is often the spot where you will find million dollar homes selling. Eleven neighborhoods are located within the area, including high-end production lots and “custom” neighborhoods.

Custom is the key word, since many builders come to The Ridges to experiment—to build the dream home they’ve always wanted to live in. A Place for Builders, Many couples and individuals come to the community to build their dream home and with the landscape, there is plenty of room for experimentation. Naturally, builders have some guidance from a design review board. Provided by the Howard Hughes Corp., who owns the property, custom homebuilders can work with architects within provided guidelines.
These measures ensure that each village sticks to its theme and blends well together, giving the overall master-planned community a feeling of organization and eye-pleasing aesthetics. The review board guides homeowners to choose suggested color schemes, adhere to height specifications so as to preserve the most treasured scenic views, and plant greenery that can thrive in desert settings. Within these guidelines, you can find traditional American-style desert homes, ultramodern selections, European sensibilities homes, and many other architectural styles.
With a community like The Ridges, many owners bought Summerlin homes for sale fairly cheap during the recession and are now reaping the benefits of a recovering Vegas real estate market. Of course, since new homeowners get to buy amazingly designed and scenic homes at top prices, there are no complaints from either side. You might even say that when a dream home of the past is sold, a new generation can begin living their dreams. Some new homeowners are not inclined to build a home from scratch. They may not have the time or the architectural finesse. They do, however, know exactly what they want in terms of comfort, ambiance and community.
Not only are the houses beautifully designed, but the community itself is active and encourages a gregarious lifestyle. New residents can look forward to using workout facilities, amenities at the Red Rock Clubhouse and scenic routes with exciting wildlife viewing. Since the area connects with the desert, it’s not unusual to spot bobcats, coyotes, jackrabbits and other animals. Nearby attractions to The Ridges include Downtown Summerlin and its stores, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and other landmarks you must come visit. It’s not a dream house without a dream community to go with it!
Live Your Dream!

The Ridges is not merely a place of luxury—it’s a place where dreams come true. Namely, the dream homes of ambitious people who have found great potential in this Summerlin territory.
Now you can live in a dream house and experience a luxurious custom built home, a community of friendly neighbors, and a home designed to maximize the gorgeous desert backdrop of Vegas. It’s time for a new dream! The Ridge Las Vegas

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